This page contains the information to understand the CloudUAV project/platform and how to get started with the platform.

CloudUAV is a Network Enablement Platform (NEP) for planning and tracking UAV-based research projects. It streamlines UAV projects, from mission planning, organization, and data acquisition, to data visualization, reporting, and collaborative sharing - all designed to comply with Canadian Aviation Regulations.

UAV Project Management

Users can create new Projects for each UAV research project they have. Within a Project, users can keep track of involved personnel, UAVs, and sensors; attach documents and certifications; plan, log, and sync missions in the field; and share Project information.

Regulatory Compliance

Transport Canada regulates all aviation in Canada, including UAVs. Helpful written articles available for free on CloudUAV simplify and outline Transport Canada’s regulations for UAV operations. Users can upload SFOCs, certifications or other documents to their account.

Mission Planning

Users can search a location on an interactive map to see airspace and any operational restrictions to ensure missions are compliant with regulations. Assign UAVs, sensors, and personnel to missions and export to the mobile Mission Log to access in the field.

Mobile Mission Log

CloudUAV Mission Log is a mobile app for both Android and iOs. Users can easily log UAV field mission locations, dates, and times, and built-in checklists for pre- and post-flight checks ensure flights are compliant with Transport Canada regulations. Sync mission data with CloudUAV website in wifi range.

Flight Checklists

Customizable checklists are built into the Mission Log mobile app to simplify site surveys and pre-and post-flight checks, with content designed to specifically to meet Transport Canada’s requirements. Checklists are saved with mission files and synced to user accounts.

Media Management

Upload flight imagery and flight logs, visualize point clouds, and see on a map the location and timing of images collected. CloudUAV will connect to Amazon EC2 and S3 cloud storage for secure data storage. If using the mobile app, users are reminded to back up media.

Equipment Management

With an easy-to-use inventory system, users can enter and keep track of equipment, from UAV platforms and sensors to extra parts, batteries, and memory cards. All equipment can be associated with UAVs, missions, or projects. Battery charges can be logged to track performance over time.

Document Storage

Users can upload important organizational documents, keeping track of pilot certifications, test results, SFOCs, regulatory information, checklists, risk assessments, and other essential information. Documents can be attached to projects or missions for easy access at any time.

Secure Sharing

Project administrators can view all data and get real-time notifications when uploads or changes are made using MQTT via SensorThings. Users can securely share project information including media, flight logs, missions, and documents, making it easy to collaborate.

Quick Start

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Please see our github repository to download the source code.


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New releases of the managed CloudUAV components are handled by Lucy Poley at the University of Calgary ( Before each release any tests for the component or service are run to verify integration. After release the services are monitored by a service run by SensorUp. Each release will be accompanied by commits and changelog updates on the CloudUAV web site.


[1.0] - 2018-02-12


Support is available from the SensorUp. Please leave an issue on the GitHub for the component/service, or contact us on the website.


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